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Dear Audience!

There are some projects that start off as simple drawings in a notebook. Drawings that one forgets, but that nevertheless germinate in secret for years before resurfacing one fine morning, in the form of an idea. MEGAMEGA is one of these projects. It needed seven years hidden as a drawing, in a notebook, before it was ready to see the light of day.
Thanks to Thorleif Linhave Bamle, with whom the idea resonated, everything suddenly went faster, as the whole institution of Teater Innlandet got invested and together we put MEGAMEGA on its feet. And then magic happened. From a simple drawing, the idea became a show.

And why was this process so long from start to end? No doubt because within the Krumple, individually and collectively, we had to experience for ourselves this particular moment in life that MEGAMEGA talks about. And what exactly is this particular moment? You could say it’s the moment where everything changes, where everything escapes us. It’s the moment that occurs when we think we’re experiencing some kind of control in our lives, the moment that leads us into the unknown. Within our group we recognized that all of us had gone through some kind of life-changing event. Illness, trauma, divorce, romantic encounters, near-death-experiences, moving abroad, babies, depression, therapy, a burn-out, a spiritual awakening …

All of us have had to face this moment when we felt the earth tremble under our feet, and when the strange shapes in the clouds suddenly seemed to be telling us that the omens of fate were playing tricks on us. Whoever has experienced such a moment might feel like a part of themselves are slowly dying, so that another brand new part can emerge. But to get there, what do we have to go through? It is a strange, universal phenomenon at the heart of this show, that everyone is confronted with at least once in their life. In many ways it is inherent in life itself, in all forms of existence, such as the transformation of a snake from one skin to another, or the metamorphosis of butterflies. Why? For what purpose? 

MEGAMEGA invites us to meditate on this question by following the journey of five individuals who, despite obstacles and uncertainties, try to find salvation, resilience, freedom … or even just a few answers to their own countless questions. 

Vincent Vernerie 

co-artistic director of the Krumple